Coated Papers

Varnished, synthetic and latex saturated with acrylic and polyurethane coatings give a wide variety of strong colours, textures and finishes. Consisting of modern technical, designer chic, luxurious touches, and contemporary interpretation, there is something in this range to suit every style and application. Suitable for Luxury and Premium packaging, photo books, stationery items – including diaries and presentation folders. Decoration by foiling , screen print, offset and some digital applications.








Illusio Ecorel Chevo Novalite Crushed Leather Pellaq Bayou Skivertex Anila Silktouch Nuba Peltouch
Iridescents Ecorel Malta Novalite Emotions Pellaq Croco Skivertex Ashai Silktouch Thermo
Mano Ecorel Presto Novalite Levant Pellaq Glean Skivertex Chevo
Carbon X Ecorel Wombati Novalite Melody Pellaq Iquana Skivertex Classica
Metal Mesh Novalite Metagra Pellaq Lizard Skivertex Galuchat
Metal X Novalite Nuvola Pellaq Mallory Skivertex Malaga
Senzo Novalite Plano Pellaq Python Skivertex Ostra
Shadow Cord Novalite Sahara Pellaq Vipera Skivertex Pekarel
Shadow Powder Novalite Silk Skivertex Samala
Shadow Weave Novalite Vitello Skivertex Sanigal
Shimmer Skivertex Spania
Skivertex Tucana
Skivertex Ubonga
Skivertex Vicuana